Short Links?


Ever have a long URL like and thought man, I would like a smaller link to share with my friends and post online?

Look no further you can be, http://IMYUR.COM/Quesadilla and send it to your friends. If your not that creative you can just be and it will be tiny to lug around for whatever.

Currently under development.

Make Permamnent

Otherwise will only last a week at most.

No Subdomain

Makes it https://IMYUR.COM/short, Otherwise it will be

Custom shorten

Otherwise it will be a random str like

Premium Features available only to members.

*As stated in the form, links are only going to last a week at most unless made permanent. Rules governing link removal are highly mutable and changes as the wind blows. You overuse a link in an abusive way, it goes to crap sites, almost anything can get it pulled. I wouldn't use this for a office type job or setting unless it is for humor purposes!

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